Los Cabos International Convention Center

ICA CU built the Los Cabos International Convention Center in a record time of six and a half months. The project began on November 15, 2011 and was completed on May 31 2012. Usually, a project of this nature takes approximately two years to be
completed.In order to speed up the completion of the ICC (International Convention Center), ICA made use of ​​all of its resources, such as the implementation of innovative pre-fabricated construction techniques, and the use of state of the art machinery and technology and expert engineer and personnel with strong technical capabilities (80% local workers, 20% highly specialized professionals).

In order for the Los Cabos International Convention Center to be ready in time to host the G-20 meeting, construction took place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a workforce of over 800 people divided into three shift patterns. The total number of man-hours invested in the project totaled over 1.5 million hours.Therefore, due to the investment of 839 million pesos, the Los Cabos International Convention Center will contribute to a tourism and commercial explosion in the surrounding area, and will therefore promote social and economic development in the state, as it gives Baja California Sur a competitive advantage to host large-scale events such as congresses, conventions and business fairs, among others, both nationally and internationally.


In terms of raw materials, the Los Cabos International Convention Center used over 3,500 tons of steel and 15,000 cubic meters of concrete. In total over 461,000 prefabricated parts were used in the construction, using 15 high capacity cranes, capable of carrying between 80 and 700 tons.

Today the Los Cabos International Convention Center covers an area of 25.922 m2, designed according to the highest quality standards. It has the capacity to host events for up to 6,400 people in 3 exhibition halls and 7 conference rooms. Furthermore, the mezzanine floor, service areas, loading and unloading bay, goods area and covered and open-air parking areas with over 567 parking spaces, in addition to the garden areas have already been built and are fully functional.

There is no doubt that one of the most outstanding parts of the grounds is the green wall, the largest in the world at 2,700 m2, which is the symbol of sustainability under which the complex was built.

In addition to this, it has 1,008 solar panels on the roof that provide substantial energy savings. What’s more, 18% of the illumination comes from natural light that filters in through domes. Similarly, the building’s interiors are lit by LEED lighting.

The Los Cabos International Convention Center (CICC) is also equipped with a 2.65 liter per second treatment plant and a storm water tank to capture rainwater for use in toilets and watering green areas.

Thanks to these features, the CICC has become a sustainable building for the XXI century which will no doubt set the benchmark for future constructions in the sector.


  • Investment of 839 million pesos
  • 22,922 m2 building just 198 days
  • 1.5 million man-hours invested in the projet
  • Over 3,500 tons of steel
  • 15 cubic meters of concrete
  • 1,461 pre-fabricated parts
  • Capacity to hos events of up to 6,400 people

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